J.R. Patrick

So imagine my delight when she sold her first book, Only Yours, to Dreamspinner Press. Her latest release, Slow Burn, will be hitting the Ellora’s Cave shelves very soon and I couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s a fantastic story! 

For JR’s week, we’re doing a bit of a blog hop. I have the beginning of an excerpt to Only Yours. To read the rest of the excerpt, you simply have to follow the links on the other IH author’s sites. 

Excerpt, part one:

“So, plan to clue me in on what the big deal is about this bar?”

“It’s not the bar, per se. It’s what’s happening here tonight.” S.J. took a sip. “There are these live shows around the country at various bars and clubs. On a certain Web site, they post the location and show times, for members only. If you want to attend, you send them an e-mail, and the invite comes via snail mail. It’s the only way you can get in the bars on those nights. Members are allowed to bring an adult guest.”

“So I take it you’re a member. What kind of shows?” Dre asked.        

“Describing the show won’t do it justice. This is better seen. Trust me. Speaking of which….” S.J. glanced at her watch. “Let the show begin.”

To read more of the excerpt, hop on over to Rhian Cahill’s site.

JR is hosting the International Heat blog this week, as well as holding a CONTEST! Be sure to check it out!


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