Granite Options

Here they are, my pretty, pretty granite options! These are a nice mid-range granite, and all of them sparkle in the sunlight, which isn’t represented well in the photos.

Here are my favorites.

The biggest problem is that we have bluish gray floor tile in the kitchen. I would happily throw down any of these with the pretty cabinets we’re getting, but that blue floor cannot be forgotten, nor can it be ripped up and replaced since it’s actually really nice tile. Not a color I would have picked, but really nice tile.

With that in mind, here are my favoties:

(B2 above)

This one is shinny like abolne shell in the sunlight. I do like shinny…



Okay, this one was just really sparkly.



  1. What’s the rest of your color scheme again, Lila? I prefer B2, but I tend to like a little warmer stuff, especially in the kitchen. They’re both really pretty. I like also that B2 is going to give a little more contrast; I think the D3 is going to be slightly more monochromatic (uh, as much as granite could possibly be–NOT!)

  2. Ah, I scrolled down to your previous post–those cabinets are the darker, warm brown, right? I’ll bet either of those granite choices are going to look amazing… I have to change my tune now–I think the D3 might be better. I’d be worried that the brown in the granite (B2) might not match the brown in the cabinets…

  3. I like the blue pearl, but maybe you can include a pic of your tile floor so we can see how the two look together? Just a suggestion.

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