Great Music

I’ve seen a lot of people passing around links to Mumford and Sons, a terrific Folk/Pop band that’s gotten some serious mainstream radio airtime. I love Mumford and Sons, and the CD is in my car right now. I’ve been an indie/folk music girl since high school when I discovered Nickel Creek, which covered a very old folk song called The Fox, a song my Hispanic grandfather used to sing. Lucky for me LA has plenty of little music venues where I’ve had the opportunity to experience this music live.

I wanted to pass on some similar types of Folk and Singers/songwriter tunes everyone might enjoy.

Laura Marling
I love her. My Irish husband’s sister, who is a brilliant musician in her own right, turned me on to this fantastic British singer after finding out what kind of music I liked.

Sarah Watkins
She and her brother are two of the three members of Nickel Creek. This song is Country, but it’s old school country, with non of the pop that you get in the stuff coming out of Nashville today.

Martin Finke

This song makes my heart hurt. There’s some talking at the begging of the video, but stick with it. I got into him after picking up the Other Voices: Songs from a Room CD (somewhat similar to a CD) when my then love interest, now husband, and I were in Dublin. If you do not have it YOU MUST FIND IT.

Other Voices did a TV program. You can watch it as a series of youtube clips here:

Nickel Creek
I just love them, and this song.


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  1. Thanks for the links, Lila. I’ll have to look for these. My music focus has been rather narrow of late, and I need to expand my *musical* horizons past Celtic Thunder.

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