Monsters in Hollywood Series–What’s Happening?

Where’s the next Monsters in Hollywood book?

That’s a rather complicated question actually. If you’ve read the first three books of the series you probably have a good idea as to what I’d planned when I started. The fourth book was planned as Henry’s, and took place during the filming of the movie.

The problem is that I’m surrounded by people in “the industry” who cheerfully told me that I didn’t have enough people working prepro (pre-production) in my fictional monster movie. This was especially hard to ignore since some very good freiends were working in post production on a monster movie that was recently released and I got to live vicariously through them as that movie was being made. This made the unrealistic jumps between Gone with the Monster and the book four I’d written absolutely aweful. I couldn’t live with them. I know they’re not the most plot heavy books on the planet, but I’m not going to deliberately write a bad or poorly reasearched book.

The original fourth book had to be scrapped.

The next book, called Have Monster–Will Travel, tells the story of our current heroes and heroines recruiting the other cast and crew–both monster and human–they’ll need in the pre production movie process.


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