Crazy things to say

Do you ever have crazy moments where the crazy things you think just slip out of your mouth?

This happens to me at least once an hour. It was a bit dicey until my coworker figured out I was insane. Once she wrapped her mind around it stopped throwing me the evil eye and praying the rosary. My Farm Boy is adapting slowly, but I can still make his stop and throw me the side eye.

Here are some insane things I’ve said over the past week:

“The pony is trying to stop the transcontinental railroad.”

“And then he jumped the grand canyon! Pony!”

“Chocolate, slave. Chocolate!”

“You’re fuzzy. Very fuzzy.”

“Ouch! Do it again.”

“Do I look like I exercise?”

“Fail, Buckle, fail.”

“Bitch, I will quit this shit. Watch me.”

“On a scale of one to ten, how good am I in bed?”

“You don’t love me any more do you?” “What?! Because I won’t let you sleep diagonally across the whole bed?!”

What about you? What have you said?


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