Book Tart Reviews of Undone Lovers Series

Recently I was lucky enough to receive reviews for both Undone Rebel and Undone Dom over at Day Dreaming. The reviews are by Kat, The Book Tart, whose blog you can find here.

Kat read and reviewed the books, despite not being the most avid BDSM reader. I must admit I was worried, but these are probably some of my favorite reviews!

Review for Undone Rebel.

“…This story was a good introduction to BDSM. I was on the same journey as Addie when Lane was introducing her to what is involved. He teaches her about a Dom’s responsibility to his submissive, the trust involved and the pleasure experienced.” – The Book Tart review of Undone Rebel, Day Dreaming

Review for Undone Dom

“I believe with my whole heart that romance stories empower us to reach for love. That we are each deserving of being loved for who we are. And the characters in Lila Dubois Undone Lovers books do exactly that!  I definitely want to read the next book in this series; I hope its Emory’s story.” – The Book Tart review of Undone Dom

(Yes, Emory’s story is next)


“I really liked him! I was extremely surprised by how much I loved Alton and Lula together. And I absolutely adored the sweet, sexy ending!”


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