Five for Friday: I’ve been a naughty, naughty Farm Boy!

Today’s extremely late Five for  Friday post is brought to you by a very apologetic Farm Boy.

Lila trusted me with writing and uploading today’s excerpt but the dog ate my homework! Well not quite, but bear with me for a moment folks and I’ll explain everything.

I spent yesterday evening and last night copy-editing Book 5 (the one after the forthcoming Have Monster, Will Travel) in Lila’s Monsters in Hollywood series and, during a break from reading the manuscript*, wrote up today’s Five for Friday post in Word meaning to upload it before going to bed last night. The thing is that after finishing the (hot, hot, hot!) book at 3 am, all my blood had been diverted from my brain to points south and all thoughts of blogging were gone; the only thing on my mind was waking Lila up and… well I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!

Anyways, I’ll post the Five for Friday excerpt in a moment but just needed you to know why it is so late in appearing.

*Alas, my non-disclosure agreement means that I’m not allowed to leak plot details of Monsters Book 5, if you see what I mean. Who knows what Lila would do in response to such a breach of the NDA; I just hope she doesn’t summon a terrifying, legendary creature to exact retribution!


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