Dear Lila: I have feelings for the magical creature I enslaved to be my bodyguard

I’ve started my own advice column over on the International Heat blog.

International Heat

This week on the blog I’m going to try something new, that I hope will be fun. I’ve gotten into reading advice columns–they’re like emotional crack. You name it, I read it. I love Dan Savage, and reading his column helped me understand that each and every one of us is a closeted sex freak. Dear Prudence is fun when she tells people to get it together, and I never have any dang clue what Miss Manners is talking about.

All this gave me an idea for an advice column of my own.

Today I’m starting “Dear Lila”–an advice column for all those confused romance novel heroes and heroines. Here we go.

**May contain light spoilers, but nothing more than you would have guessed after reading the blurb**

Dear Lila,

I’ve done some things I’m not proud of in my life, but I won’t apologize for them–I’m doing what I…

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