Win a copy of Have Monster, Will Travel

Have Monster, Will Travel, the fourth book in the Monsters in Hollywood series, will be released October 9, 2012.

In honor of this book (finally) being released, I’m giving away a copy!
Here’s how to enter to win.
1) Sign up for my newsletter
2) Answer the following question (there’s space on the sign up form) What movie title is the book title Have Monster, Will Travel based on?
If you’re already a subscriber I’ll be sending an out a separate contest notice via email. If you win but have already ordered Have Monster you get your choice from my backlist or a copy of my next release, Undone Diva.

Have Monster, Will Travel

All of Hollywood is talking about Calypso Production’s new top-secret action movie, and Joanna is tapped to be the Production Designer. There’s just one big issue: the lead actors are monsters. Literally.

Bound by tradition and discipline, Tokaki’s clan of shapeshifers has maintained the old ways even as they’ve retreated from the human race. When members of another clan come up with a plan to expose and explain their hidden existence, he agrees to help. As the warrior who trains all others, he knows how to inflict both the maximum, and minimum, amount of damage. Because of this experience he’s asked to become something they call a “stunt coordinator”.

When Joanna and Tokaki meet it’s electric, and not just because Joanna watches him shift from a massive white tiger into a handsome, naked man. Tokaki is fascinated by the outside world, especially Joanna, who’s colorful in more ways than one. When he takes Joanna to a hidden temple deep in the Chinese mountains, neither expects she’ll be risking her very life. In order to save the woman he loves, Tokaki must turn to his family for help, risking the secrets his clan has kept for a millennium.

ISBN 978-1-61921-091-2

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