Five for Friday

If it is Friday, it must be Monsters!

As you know we have just looked at the opening of the first two books in Lila’s Monsters in Hollywood series. This week we are continuing with book three in the series, Gone with the Monster. After that we will be ready for the launch of the latest in the series, Monsters in Hollywood Book Four: Have Monster, Will Travel in 11 days time. Remember though that it is available from Amazon so pre-order it now and it will be waiting on your Kindle for you when you wake up on the morning of Tuesday, October 9. Also, as a special treat, I sweet-talked Lila (that’s not actually how I persuaded her but a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell)  into allowing me post the start of Have Monster… in next week’s Five for Friday blog so make sure to check back at the same bat time on the same bat channel.

Gone with the Monster
Kidnapping and bondage are no way to win a girl. Well, actually…

Runako has good reason to distrust humans. His sister’s murder taught him it’s safer to keep his Monster form under wraps. Now comes word that a woman is making a movie that will supposedly “help” his people. He’s not sure about that, but one thing is sure…Margo is too beautiful to be ignored.

Presented with the opportunity to use his people’s Captive Caves—a secluded mountain fortress designed to hold hapless, tasty humans prisoner—Runako knows exactly whom he wants to star in his ultimate fantasy.

Margo knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. At least where her career is concerned. Runako is just the kind of bad boy with whom she’d like to heat up her nights. In a land of skinny blondes, though, a hottie like him would never notice her lush, Latin curves.

No one is more surprised when she finds out his version of “wooing” includes kidnapping. Forced to stand before him in chains, her paper-thin confidence is burning up fast in the heat of his desire. And when it turns out she can identify his sister’s murderers, they both must decide where their loyalties lie…Chapter One

He waited in the shadows, still and silent, a part of the deepening night. She did not see him because people do not, will not, see the monster. She was one of the few who knew monsters were real, but did not see him until it was too late.

Too late came the moment he got his claws on her. She was not a little girl, but compared to his massive claw-tipped hands her waist was tiny.

Margo drew in a startled gasp. The kind movie heroines took before they fainted.

But Margo had no aspirations to star on the silver screen, and her response was indicative of who, and what, she was.

She hauled back and punched him in the nose. At least, it would have been the nose, if he weren’t over eight feet tall. The monster had black skin and huge bat-like wings covered in a cobalt membrane. The talons on the end of his three-fingered hands were gold, glinting dully in the moonlight.

“You try to hurt me?” Runako grumbled in surprise.

“Runako.” The name was an accusation on her lips. Margo shook out her hand and looked up and up into the face of the monster.

“You know me. Good.”

Fat chance she’d forget someone, something, like Runako. As a monster he radiated danger, and when he was a human he had chocolate skin and the banging body of a running back.

Recovering from her shock, Margo realized the only reason he would be lying in wait for her in the darkest corner of a parking lot would be if something had gone wrong, terribly wrong.

“¿Qué sucedió? What’s wrong?”

“Wrong?”  Runako  flexed  his  fingers,  and  Margo’s  breath  left  in  a  woosh  as  he  squeezed  her.

“Nothing is wrong.”

“Then why are you here?” Margo asked, attempting to pry his fingers, er, claws from her. Not that she wasn’t interested in getting grabby with Runako—preferably in his human body, but there was a time and place for everything. Besides, she always liked to initiate the grabbing.

“I’m here for you,” he replied.

Margo looked up, slowly. He was here for her? That sounded so dirty. Tramp, she accused herself.

“What do you want with me?” Margo asked, voice gone husky.

“With you? I would like to have sex with you.”

Yes,  please!  Still,  meeting  in  a  dark  parking  lot  was  hardly  romantic.  Where  was  the  wine,  the chocolates? Okay she’d settle for a vodka shot and tacos, but it was the principle of the thing.

“So you’re here to…what?” she asked, grunting as she redoubled her efforts to pry his fingers away.

“I’m going to kidnap you.”

Margo laughed. “Nice one.”

Runako didn’t laugh.

“Let me go,” Margo demanded, a bit worried. She might have to punch him again.


“I said let me go.”

“But I want you. And you are not strong enough to free yourself.”

“I said. Let. Me. Go. Déjeme ir.”

“I am taking you away.”

“Like hell. Where?”

“To the Captive Caves.”

“The Captive… Oh hell no. What kind of dumb-ass idea is this?”

“It was Michael’s idea. He was going to keep Jane in bondage in one of the caves.”

“Did he hurt Jane? Did he fucking hurt her? I will kill him. They will never find all the pieces of his body. Él es muerto. And if you helped him hurt her you are fucking dead too. I’ll get my gun. I bet you bastards aren’t bulletproof—”

“You are loyal, and willing to fight to protect those  you  love,” Runako said, lifting  Margo off the ground. “I thought humans only hunted for the sport of it.”

“Where’s Jane? Where is she?” Margo squeaked, toes kicking at Runako, who ignored her. Nobody had picked her up since she was in kindergarten.

“She is with Michael. She agreed to be his mate, so he no longer needed to keep her in bondage.”

Runako shifted his hold, flipping Margo so that he held her draped over his muscled arms. He unfurled his wings with a sound like canvas snapping in a breeze.

“What are you doing?” Margo demanded.

“Since the cave is available, I am taking you there, to keep you in bondage.”

And for the first time in her life, Margo was utterly speechless.

Chapter Two

He  had  to  drug  her.  He  chose  to  think  of  it  as  drugging, rather  than poisoning.  Really  he  had no choice. Margo insisted on shaking and screaming as he brought them into the sky. She first tried to fight free, and then clung to him as they climbed in altitude. He had no problem with Margo clinging to him—it felt good—but when she reached over his shoulder and grabbed one of his wings Runako was forced to prevent her from sending them both spiraling from the sky.

Runako shifted Margo until he held her against his chest. She tucked her head into his neck, and a rush of protectiveness overtook him.

Runako flexed his free hand, and a poison-tipped bard slid from a sheath in his forearm. He brought the  barb  to  his  mouth  and  licked  the  tip.  With  a  trace  of  poison  on  his  tongue  Runako  grazed  Margo slightly. She lifted her face, and Runako could smell her spike in fear. He extended his tongue, stroking it along the pale column of her neck, where the skin was thin.

Margo flinched away. In the next second she shuddered, her dangling legs jerking uncontrollably as the poison slipped into her body and forced her into unconsciousness. There was a terrifying moment in which he’d worried he’d  given too much. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d almost accidentally killed a human, but, even over the sounds of rushing air, he could hear the beat of her heart and the steady rise and fall of her breath.

Runako  bared his  teeth  in  pleasure.  He  did not  have  a  high  opinion  of  humans,  but  this  one  was something special, and now…she was his.

Runako flew all night. As they left the temperate air of the West Coast and rose over the high-peaked mountains of the Rockies ice  began to form on his wings. Runako did not let this stop him. He pulled Margo closer in to his chest and willed a bubble of heat to surround her body. She was light in his arms, though he knew her to be larger than other human women by visible comparisons.

As he pushed on, flying for the remote mountains where the Monsters had made their home, Runako considered how greatly his world had changed. After his sister’s death Runako could not stand the sight of a human, could barely stand the sight of his own people.

Chevo and…no, he should use their human names, as that is what they went by now. Luke, Michael and Henry had decided to deal with the ever-growing problem of humans, and their expanding world, by making friends with them. Still fresh from the grief of losing his sister Runako could not imagine anything so horrible as to make friends with the humans who had murdered her.

Luke, Michael and Henry had always been fascinated by the humans, and had convinced everyone that  there  was  a  way  to  change  the  human’s  opinion  of  monsters.  Runako  ignored them—sure nothing would come of their asinine plan—until the Counsel gave them leave to go to Los Angeles.

Runako, angry and afraid, followed them to Los Angeles. Rather than scaring humans off he’d found himself drawn into their world and the circle of human women Luke had recruited to help them. He would always remember waking to find Margo holding ice to his face where a lump was forming after Luke had punched him.

Humans  were  not  what  he’d  thought  they  were,  though  he  still  felt  it  was  naive  of  the  others  to dismiss the brutal base nature of humanity.

Runako’s senses flared as he passed over the hidden homes of the Monsters, but he continued past those, heading for the Captive Caves.

They began their descent, and Margo stirred in his arms. Runako shifted his wings, blunting them to the air as he slowed their descent and landed on a lip of rock. Bending low he ducked under an overhang that served to protect the opening of the cave from the snow.

It was slow going, with his towering height, but he tucked his wings tight to his back and made sure Margo’s arms and legs did not scrape the walls. The entrance to the cave was narrow, like the neck of a bottle, and twisted and turned. Though it was pitch dark Runako had no problem finding his way. He’d been in and out of this cave many times in the past week as he’d prepared it for Michael.

But now the cave was his, and the captive woman inside was his also.

Runako laid Margo down on a wide stone altar. She wore those odd-looking shoes. What did they call them? High heels. He removed the shoes, carefully plucking them off with his talons. The shoes made it look as though she had spikes on the bottom of her feet. He frowned at the faint lines the shoes left.

He went to rub them, but his hands and talons were too big to deal with her delicate limbs.

Runako stepped back and drew on a spell he could feel pulsing just under his breastbone. His wings folded  in,  his  bones  shrinking.  He  shrank,  his  true  form  disappearing  into  the  body  of  a  human  man.

Runako rolled his shoulders. This body felt strange, though not as bad as it once had. He would always prefer his true body, but it was too bulky when dealing with humans.

And he planned to deal, extensively, with Margo.

Runako stepped up to the stone altar where Margo lay. Her long dark hair partially covered her face.

Runako brushed it aside, and she stirred faintly. He ran his hand down her body, keeping an inch of air between his hand and her. He stroked the top of her bare feet then reached for the chain and manacle that dangled from the side of the stone altar. He lifted the cuff, which was shiny from the cleaning he’d given it a few days ago, and locked it in place around her ankle.

Chapter Three

Margo woke with an aching head, stuffy nose and sore throat. She scrubbed her hands over her face and  groaned. She was coming  down with a cold, or was she massively hung  over. Last night was a bit fuzzy. She remembered leaving the office late and then…nothing.

She must have gone over to Cali’s and tied one on, making this a hangover. In desperate want of aspirin Margo sat up. Chain clanked.

Wait, what?

Margo  cautiously  opened  one  eye.  Rather  than  her tastefully  decorated  bedroom  in  the  cute  little guesthouse she called home, Margo was looking at stone walls.

“This is bad.”

Margo stared down at the heavy metal cuff around her left ankle. It took a minute to process. Margo touched the cuff. Yep, it was there.

“Oh hell no.”

Margo looked around. The cave had curving walls, a slightly uneven floor, and huge metal oil-filled bowls from which fire flared.

She looked at the cuff again. The memory of a massive shape, darker than shadows, filled her mind.

“Runako,” she whispered.


He  came  around  a  corner,  appearing  from  the  hidden  inner  depths  of  the  cave.  A  million  sharp comments died on her lips. All she could think was…yum.

Runako was dressed in a pair of dark grey slacks and a white button-down shirt. The shirt was open, the  tails  dangling  and  the  gap  showed  off  his  truly  incredible  pecs  and  six-pack  abs.  The  shirt  looked startlingly white against his dark skin. His short hair was tight to his head, revealing the perfect curve of his skull.

“How do you feel?” he asked, walking across the cave towards her. His stride was unhurried, more of a stalk than a walk.

“You kidnapped me.”

“I did.”

“You can’t do that.”

Runako raised one brow, James Bond style. “I just did.”

“Point taken.” Margo crossed her arms. “I thought you were trying to fit in with the humans? Humans don’t usually kidnap each other.”

“Luke, Michael and Henry want to fit in.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to be safe. I want my people to be safe.” Runako looked away, his fingers curling into fists. Margo’s heart lurched in sympathy. “I’ll deal with the humans. Whatever happens.”

Well  that  sounded  ominous.  Margo,  who  had  felt  mostly  annoyed  and  not  truly  afraid,  started  to worry. Of all the Monsters she knew—a whopping total of four—Runako was the most dangerous.

“And kidnapping me means what?”

“You…you’re just for pleasure.” Runako rested his hip on the stone slab where she sat. He reached for her, and Margo slapped his hand away.

“I’m not some blow-up doll.” Her fear disappeared under a swell of righteous anger. “And you’re out of your fucking mind if you think I’m going to sleep with you.”

“Who said sleep?”

“I’m not going to have sex with you.”

“Why not? You want me. I can tell.” Runako looked directly at her, all of his attention focused on her.

It was as if she were the most intriguing person in the world.

Margo looked away so she wouldn’t fall under the spell of his eyes. She looked down at her ankle and her ire flared. “You’re a…a…”


Margo  narrowed  her  eyes  at  him.  “No,  you’re  not  a  monster.  Monsters  are  delightful,  thoughtful creatures. You’re a jerk. A bully.”

“You are truly angry,” he said, leaning back in surprise.

“You think?”

“But you want me, I know it. I can feel it.” He reached for her again, and this time when she tried to knock his hand away he caught her wrist.

“I want lots of things, doesn’t mean I always get them,” Margo said.

“You should, you deserve the things you want.” He lifted her captive hand to his lips and kissed it.

Margo’s heart (traitor!) fluttered. “You…you. I. Um. Oh fuck it.”

Margo grabbed Runako’s head and kissed him. He was beautiful, and he wanted her. It was probably a sign of her poor mental health that Margo found this very screwy situation increasingly arousing. No one had ever wanted her enough to kidnap her before.

Runako, after a moment of surprise, joined her in the kiss. His hand slid into her hair, cradling the back  of  her head.  Margo  opened  her  lips,  and his  tongue  slid  into  her  mouth.  Margo  nipped  him,  and Runako answered with a growl she could feel as much as hear.

Margo pulled away. She kept her eyes closed, savoring the flavor of this kiss.

“You’re beautiful,” Runako said.

“Don’t say that. You’re going to make this much harder.”


Margo opened her eyes. “That was fun, and I’m really flattered, but this is ridiculous. You have to take me home.”

Runako pushed himself up, his face hard and smooth. “You don’t seem to understand.”

“I understand fine. Take me home.”


“What do you mean no? Cute trick, but come on. You can’t be serious.”

“I am. I want you here, and I will keep you here,” Runako said, completely calm.

“This is kidnapping, this is rape,” Margo stuttered out. She’d told him what to do and he’d refused.

She was a little confused as to how to continue. Usually, when confronted by her, people caved and gave her what she wanted.

“You are willing. You kissed me.”

“So what? It was a fucking kiss!” Margo yelped, voice rising.

“You’re mine. I’m keeping you.”

“You can’t do that.” Margo shifted to her knees, throwing her arms up in the air as she protested. It was like arguing with a rock. “You can’t just take someone and, and keep them.”

Runako looked her up and down and said, “I just did.”

With that he turned and walked away, disappearing to the same place he’d come from.

Margo fumed. She pouted. She dug through her purse, which was draped across her chest, found a granola bar and ate it. Runako stayed away.

This was ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. She’d been minding her own business, on her way home from work, and Runako thought he could just drop in on her and kidnap her? The man had some learning to do before he fit in with humans.

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