Exciting News: Undone Rebel Nominated for RT Award

I’m delighted to announce that Undone Rebel was nominate for an RT award. Undone Rebel is nominated in the E-Book Erotic Novella category. I’m in excellent company, and very honored.







The second book in the Undone Lovers series, Undone Dom, is out now. If you haven’t met Alton you need to. He’s possible one of my favorite heroes, because he wasn’t meant to be a hero. He was written to be the big, bad scary Dom.





The final book of the series, Undone Diva, will be out November 28th. This one is all about Emory, who is a calm, controlled and very kinky guy.

As an entertainment lawyer, Emory has his share of famous clients. But when A-lister Sasha Brazil is caught in a sex tape scandal it should have been a PR nightmare, not a legal matter. But Sasha is being blackmailed because her tape shows her bound and begging to be used, everything her hard action-star hero persona isn’t. If the tape gets out her image will be destroyed.

Emory takes Sasha on as a submissive, telling her that she’s safer subbing to him than to a man who might blackmail or betray her. Together they begin a passionate BDSM relationship centered on Emory’s specialty, role-play. The sexual relationship quickly morphs into something more, but Sasha has secrets, and when the man who turned Sasha into a submissive shows up even love may not be enough to save her.

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