Undone Diva Now Available

Undone Diva, the final book in the  Undone Lovers series, is now available.

This story features Emory, who we first met in Undone Rebel. He’s a Dom with very specific, sexy tastes. This book is all about the sexy BDSM role play: prisoner and jailer, spy and interrogator, princess and pauper, princess and solider/guard, prince and pretty peasant.


Undone Diva is the first book I’ve ever written with a Dom who also had a second major kink. Rather than simply doing scenes within the sphere of BDSM play Emory likes role play scenarios that provide opportunities for sexy BDSM play. 

Here’s a little taste of how that goes:

“Tonight you will be my slave girl, purchased at auction.”

A shiver of intense pleasure racked her. “Yes, Sir.”

“Show me to your room and we’ll begin.”

Blindfolded, she knelt in a corner, waiting.

She’d chosen one of the guest bedrooms for their session. Because she never did scenes at her house, she didn’t have a dedicated space for BDSM play. Emory had approved the space, then removed his tie and blindfolded her with it. The brief glimpse she’d had of him with the tie off was enough to make her long to see him entirely suitless.

He’d left the room and she’d remained on her knees waiting. A syrupy calm engulfed her. Now she would get what she needed, what she craved, at the hands of a Dom both experienced and interesting. Lately when she’d been waiting for a scene to start there’d always been a bit of fear under the sub-space calm.

She knew what she was doing—flying all over the country to meet with men she’d spoken to online only a handful of times—was dangerous, and once she’d given up control all she had was her trust in them that they wouldn’t hurt or kill her. That level of fear detracted from the experience, not enhanced it, but was nothing compared to the fear she’d known in the past while submitting, and so it had never really bothered her.

With Emory that fear was gone. Though she’d never met him, he’d been in her life for over five years. He knew her, knew what she risked by seeking to fulfill her submissive needs.

The bedroom door opened, closed. There was a thump as he set something down then silence, broken only by the occasional sound of him moving about. Sasha breathed slowly and deeply, savoring the anticipation. Her skin tingled with the need for his touch.


She twisted her head side to side, trying to pinpoint where his voice had come from.

“Stand and remove your clothing.”

This is a hot one!

You can read more about Undone Diva by clicking the link.


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