Baby Shower Project

I’m working on a project for my friend’s nursery that I’m so excited about I just had to share. I love to do paper crafts, and I’m making her a paper rose topiary. She’s making her own pillows and things for the nursery, and the fabric is creamy white and sage green with topiaries.

I’m making the paper roses out of pages from children’s books and comics. She’s a bibliophile and he’s a big geek, so it’s a perfect meeting of their interests.

Here are my progress shots. I’m not done. I’ve only done one of the three topiary balls.

This is a craft pot (no hole in the bottom), a dowel, and three different size styrofoam balls.

Here’s my Big Shot. I’m using three rose dies from Memory Box, which is also where the idea comes from.

Here’s my roses cut but waiting to be rolled.

I took pins and painted the heads white. I use the pins to stick the roses into the styrofoam.

Here’s it is with the uppermost topiary done.

I will post more pictures when it’s complete.


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