Elemental Pleasure, the heartbreak, the triumph

If you bought Elemental Pleasure and decided Mari Carr and I were illiterate idiots, let me set the record straight…she isn’t. I however, may be.

This is the first ever book I’ve self published. I was so worried about the tech side of it–making sure the book is formatted in such a way that it will scroll correctly on Ereaders, and have the cool functions like being able to change the size of text, that I let being an author come second. My husband agreed to do the actual uploading once the book was ready.

That would have worked perfectly if I’d sent him the correct file.

Instead what we uploaded was the unedited final–the version where the story was complete, but not the one that had been copy edited. We realized this almost immediately, but the book was already up. We’ve been able to get it down from most places, and the correct version will hopefully go up sometime Wednesday.

If you already purchased it you’ll get an email with a notice about the newer version of the book. We swear the story is good, and now the text is good too.

Right now the correct version is up on BN, but the excerpt text is wrong. Still waiting for amazon.

I will post again when it’s up everywhere.

A HUGE apology to all of you, and also to Mari Carr.

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