I love Bianca’s Dragons

Bianca D’Arc’s dragons are some of my favorite erotic fantasy books, and some of my earliest ebook purchases. –Edited to add: Okay, I thought this was a new book, but it’s actually a re-release that I hadn’t read. Frankly I’m just as excited because WOOHOO New-To-Me book!

And without further ado, here’s Bianca!

It’s here! Finally! The last of the re-releases of my Dragon Knights series, DRAGON STORM, is out today!

Their love will span the ages and two very different worlds…

Driven by a magical storm into our world, twin dragon princes Darius and Connor must find a way home. They also find their mate. One woman who is mate to both princes. She holds both their hearts in the palm of her hand along with secrets about her origins and family.

Facing the failures of her past is the only way to get help for her new mates. Josie takes them on a journey to a far off land, there to seek her estranged grandfather’s counsel and aid in returning her lovers to their rightful place. She knows dragons cannot fly free in the modern world and is willing to give up everything — to give up her only chance for true love — to help them return to where they belong.

But fate has other plans for the trio. Magic swirls all around them… whether it is for good or ill, only time will tell.

Warning: Contains a fiery hot menage a trois, a wild cat-woman and two hunky dragon studs in black leather. A little time travel makes everything more interesting, doesn’t it?

DRAGON STORM is now available for pre-order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Samhain.

KEEPER OF THE FLAME, the all-new Dragon Knights novel from Amazon and Samhain. It’s due out on 2/26.

And THE DRAGON HEALER – an all-new novella – is due out in July. It’s also available for pre-order now from Amazon.


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