Days Until Release: 11

Here’s an excerpt from A Monster and a Gentleman. Don’t forget to comment on my blog or facebook page to enter!

(C) Lila Dubois, 2013


Seling was ambling across the parking lot where they’d parked the equipment trucks. He had the easygoing stride of a good-looking guy who knew he was good-looking. He looked vaguely Asian, with black hair and a creamy gold skin tone that made Cali crave caramel-filled Ghirardelli chocolates.

He was also a monster.

“Seling.” Though the need to go work with Akta and Henry was tugging at her, Cali couldn’t ignore the little pulse of pleasure deep in her belly. Seling was hot, charming and easy to talk to. She’d wanted touch him, and be touched by him, since she first saw him, which was saying something because when she’d first seen him he’d been a fire-breathing monster. Literally.

Now he was another of her actors, and it was a sweet torture getting to see him naked several times a day as he changed between bodies. “What can I do for you?” she asked, keeping her tone professional.

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“I need to reshoot a scene with Akta and Henry, so maybe we can talk after this?”

A slow smile worked its way across Seling’s face. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Cali narrowed her eyes, not sure if he meant the innuendo or if he just couldn’t help but be sexy and inviting. “I’ll find you.”

Seling ambled away, nodding and greeting crewmembers by name as they did final checks for the shot. Cali turned to the trailers as Akta darted out, moving fast. She pulled off the hoodie, revealing the thin hooded jacket and jeans she wore beneath. Henry, a monster once more, followed.


Their body language was off; they looked pissed, not passionate. There were places in the script for angry kisses, but this was a reunion—a time for a long, romantic kiss. Cali looked grimly at the sky before pulling the mic piece of her headset down and barking orders. They had to get the shot.


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