Dear Readers

Dear Readers,
I need to tell you some thing. I don’t know what your favorite book is. There, I said it. I don’t know. I have NO CLUE what your most favorite book in the world is, or why it’s your favorite.  I don’t know what your “normal” genre is, or what element of that genre you like best.

I don’t know what things you hate, what things you love, what you idea of “strong” is, or what for you makes a heroine TSTL. I don’t know what you think is totally ridiculous, what you think is not-enough, or what your level of comfort with sex is.

Therefor, I cannot do anything about the fact that the book I wrote may contain an element, plot device or character you don’t like, aren’t looking for, or makes you crazy. I promise I am not trying to upset you, but by the time you can download and read a story there really is nothing I can do about the content. If the book is poor written or constructed, or if I’ve been misleading in the blurb or cover then it is totally my fault and I apologize. (Okay, so I’m not good with covers, I just want ones I think are pretty, but pretty doesn’t always translate “super-hot BDSM story” well, so those ones are my bad).  I swear I don’t do it on purpose. 

All I can do is try my best to give you a feel for the book in the blurb and give you a hint of the tone in the cover art. And to write a story worth reading. It might not be worth it to you, but my hope is that for someone (many someones, to be honest) that story will be a few hours in which they get to live in a world outside their own, a world that may or may not be realistic, and world in which the people may or may not do what you want them do, but you get to visit, and maybe that visit makes your day a little better.

Seriously, I don’t write what you hate to spite you. (Except maybe that one chick. Yea, I’m totally out to get you. Watch your back. You know who you are.)

That’s it, just wanted to put that out there so I have it on records that I’m not actively trying to make people crazy.



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  1. Very rude of you not to at least try to anticipate what everyone wants, then stay up all night after you’ve already worked your dayjob to write it for them. That’s what authors are supposed to do, ya know. Jeez. You’d think your writing was somehow about YOU.

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